Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE wins TV doc’s vote for workplace calorie burn

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  • Nicola Davenport

Yo-Yo DESK® products prove that staying active at work is the best way of burning off snack calories, confirms a new episode of Channel 4’s popular How to Lose Weight Well show.

Dr Xand van Tulleken asked volunteers to try out our new Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE, Steppie® balance board, Yo-Yo DESK® SLIM desk riser and a LifeSpan® treadmill desk.

Each solution led to increased calorie burn over a seated desk - of course! - with the Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE coming out top for both raised energy output AND enjoyability. “All of this is much better than sitting at a desk,” Dr Xand concludes.

The Sit-Stand.Com® mantra of getting “more active, more often” is key to reducing your risk of health conditions including strokes, heart attacks and diabetes, Applied Exercise Science Professor John Buckley, of University Centre Shrewsbury, confirms in the C4 show.

The Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE is the ideal way to increase activity levels during sedentary office hours: even set at the lowest level of resistance (there are eight levels in total), constant slow pedalling allows you to increase your energy expenditure by 50% compared with sitting at your desk.

How to Lose Weight Well’s volunteer Joel confirmed that “rhythmic pedalling” on the Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE was an enjoyable way to burn calories without working up a sweat.

Sit-Stand.Com MD Gavin Bradley says: “Our Yo-Yo DESK® BIKE is a way to keep blood circulating and promote ongoing activity even when you are seated. It is perfect for meeting rooms and break-out spaces in offices, people who work from home, or those who do extra work at home after the office day is done.”

Watch episode 2 of How to Lose Weight Well (series five) on C4 at 8pm on Monday January 13, 2020, or online here.