Passionate to improve the wellness of our environment, Yo-Yo OFFICE sustainability drive includes:

Recycled and Sustainable Materials

All our fabrics are made 100% from recycled materials.
Our frames are made 100% from hardwood ply and water-based adhesives.

FSC Certification

All our desktops are made in Britain and FSC certified, an environmental label that requires that the production of wood-based products respect procedures that guarantee the sustainable management of forests.

Eco Packaging

Yo-Yo DESK® products have 100% cardboard ECO packaging removing plastics and polystyrene from inner packaging.

Solar Power

Our factory and warehouse are powered by electric solar panels.

Easily Re-upholstered & Recycled

All Yo-Yo DESKS are designed to be easily re-upholstered & recycled. Both carcass & fabrics can be easily dismantled and replaced.

Electric Vehicles

All our company cars are 100% electric powered.